The Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Studies

Vision, Mission & Objectives


In a world based on creative minds and high skilled people, life industry creation has become a must to serve the human being regardless of his race and color and would have been incomplete without the human being itself. The communicative personality, regenerated determination, persistence, patience, faithfulness, and the spirit of cooperation are aspects of all human personalities, which we should motivate and guide gently to the direction where it would encourage the human being to give the best for himself and for society and ensure a sound thinking and decent living.


The Scientific Institute for Advanced Training and Research has been established by a group of researchers and experts to presenting a special mission which takes benefit of all available capacities, expertise and views for being used in the form of an innovated work which makes of the ordinary man an advanced example for scientific and intellectual production and innovation. The institute's mission lies in laying down strong foundations for the processes of training, development, studies, consultation, and scientific publishing, within the perspective of advanced planning, to achieve a comprehensive development which promotes the level of individuals and participating organizations. This should ensure an evident impact on the whole performance of the human being in his work and intellectual scientific activities as well as achieve a distinct balance between potential highly skilled people due to misguiding in training and human development and the growing highly qualified people. Such balance will ensure continuity of the promotion of human societies, in particular, with regard to prominent individuals or those seeking real excellence by hard work and determination. However, we are definitely sure that all this could be achieved by continued assessment of the level of our performance, scientific and intellectual outcomes and all our activities to classify and promote the said level of performance for the purpose of ensuring the continuity of vision, mission and objectives of the institute.


  1.  The effective contribution to the design of a universal scientific map to ensure serving humanity objectives and noble moral standards of this kind of activities.
  2. To give the best levels of performance in the relevant areas of interest to for the institute in support of all contributors and participants in its programs and activities.
  3. Promoting participants’ qualifications and leading them to the level of a unique transition in their personal, intellectual, and scientific competencies.
  4. Achieving a degree of communication between specialists and researchers on the one side and the various departments of the institute on the other side to reaching a distinct benefit for the participants in the activities of the institute in their respective areas of interest.
  5. To find various and developed modes of competition for the sake of serving the objectives of scientific research and programs of qualification improvement on regular basis.
  6. To create a secured atmosphere enhanced by trust and confidence between researchers, trainees, and highly skilled people to encourage them on showing up further cooperation and open-mindedness between each other to take advantage of the growing available scientific opportunities, develop the human thought, and encourage scientific production through committing themselves to reserved intellectual property rights.

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