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The concept of self-development is correlated with the improvement of our qualification, capacities, and personal capabilities, such as mental capacities concerned with creating thinking or communication skills like listening, quality of speech, and ability to achieve mutual understanding with others. Also, self-development is related to our control over psychological problems, quality of control over our feelings and reactions, promotion of positive behaviors and getting rid of the negative ones through identifying our points of strengths and weaknesses. All these start from two key points. The first concerns with the belief in our natural humanity, rights, and duty to develop, when the second concerns with our belief in the fact that the human exists with two without a three, either development and advancement or decline and retreat.

Seminar vocabulary words

  • Concept of self-development.
  • Reasons and dimensions of self-development process.
  • Applied stages of process.
  • Fixed and variable standards of self-development process.
  • Signs and motives of self-development.
  • Strategic results of self-development.

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