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Instructions for Authors

Types of Article

JETNSR accepts submission in the form of reviews, articles, short communications and selected conference papers.


Review paper – The article should comprehensively cover a subject of current interest, summarizes the current state of understanding on a topic. It surveys and summarizes previously published studies and should comprise around 8000 – 10000 words and be extensively referenced.


Research paper – The article should describe the original research work which not previously published and should be a complete description of full investigations. Typically, it should comprise around 5000 words.


Short Communication – The article should be a concise description of a limited original investigation with not more than 3000 words.


Conference Paper – Selected conference papers can be published in JETNSR’s special edition, subjected to terms and conditions based on prior discussion with Editor-in-Chief.


Declaration of Interest and Verification of Originality


All authors must reveal any relationship with other parties that may possibly influence their opinion and conclusion such as employment, funding, honorarium, consultation and such. Manuscript submissions imply that the work described has not been previously published in any medium in any language, or under consideration for publication elsewhere. JETNSR’s editor may check and verify the originality of the submitted manuscript using Turnitin service.


Change of Authorship


Any addition, deletion or rearrangement of author names in the authorship list should be made only before the manuscript has been accepted and must be agreed by all authors in written confirmation.




All authors must understand that by submitting their manuscripts means agree the Transfer of Copyright agreement takes place before the manuscript can be published. This transfer agreement enables JETNSR to protect the copyrighted material for the authors, but authorsretain theirs. Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to complete a Copyright Release Form.

Publication Charge for Open Access


All accepted article in this journal will be published in open access, which means that the article is universally and freely accessible via the internet in perpetuity, in an easily readable format immediately after publication. The author does not have to pay any publication charges for open access. The SIATS will cover all the expenses to make the article open access.




A manuscript must be prepared in Microsoft Word Format and should be submitted to JETNSR via email yarub.a@siats.co.uk. The manuscript should be written in English and must follow the same general style as will be described later in this document. The publisher will edit your file to make sure every article follows the same style. Figures in jpg format should include into your manuscript.


Review Process


JETNSR practices single blind review process. All the submitted manuscripts will undergo an internal screening process which generally checks the similarity index, English suitability, novelty of the research work and general formatting. Editor-in-Chief may immediately reject the manuscript or return back to the author for further improvement and re-submission based on the initial screening process. Only manuscripts deemed suitable are then sent to a single reviewer to assess the scientific quality of the paper. The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the final decision regarding acceptance or rejection of manuscripts. The Editor-in-Chief’s decision is final.


Manuscript Structure


Please refer to Manuscript Template.


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