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Human Development

The definition of human development focuses on the human as an instrument and objective for the project of human development in its comprehensive concept. Such project will assure the welfare and development of individual and society by diversifying and promoting all its options in a regular basis through the development of regulations and organizational structure, which commensurate with the raising of the human position. All this could be achieved by taking advantage of all available resources and programs of human development, which involves all individuals in society and preparation for new generation for the successive periods of time.

Seminar vocabulary words

  • Definition of human development.
  • Concept of human development.
  • Customs and traditions: methods of review and improvement.
  • Motives of human development for individuals and groups.
  • Personal planning and its importance.
  • Relations and Communication and its role in self-development.
  • Creation and role of the need for victory in human development.
  • Relationship between objectives, motives, aspirations and human development.
  • Classification of ideas and priorities and its role in self-development.
  • Factors, means, and results of self-motivation.

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