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Dialogue and Negotiations

It is no longer hidden to specialists that dialogue, with its cultural, scientific, thoughtful, and social dimensions, has become one of the most important means of human communication, which is instantly required by modern life because of its positive effect on the development and promotion of individuals’ talents and competencies in critical thinking, logical analysis, and scientific inference. For the importance of negotiations, specialists mention that, before the discovery of satellite and internet, ordinary man used to spend at least 11 hours in communicating with others, be it read or written or oral, and this period of time invites our attention to improve our communication skills both at work and society. Moreover, whatever our social status and jobs’ rank, we should improve our capabilities to communicate with, convince, identify the views of others which might be adopted if it is proven to be authentic.

Dialogue and solvation of organizational and social relations’ issues

Seminar vocabulary words

  •  Solving problems through dialogue.
  • Creative thinking and administrative development.
  • Development and innovation in problems solving.
  • Simplification of development of administrative procedures and its importance in various administrative processes.
  • Relationship between innovation and creation and elements of creative thinking.
  • Concept of brainstorming and its importance in problem solving at work.
  • Principles and applications of brainstorming.
  • Innovator’s skills and applications of innovation arts at work.

Art of negotiation:

Seminar vocabulary words

  • Definition of negotiation.
  • Concept of negotiation.
  • Rationale of negotiation.
  • When and where to hold negotiations.
  • Brainstorming negotiation test.

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